Amazing gift ideas to promote wellbeing

Amazing Gift Ideas to Promote Wellbeing

Stuck on what to buy someone for Christmas or any other special occasion?

Here are some gift ideas to promote wellbeing and encourage the improvement of mental health. Something that can go amiss at any time of year. But improving wellbeing and mental health is something a lot of people can benefit from.

Here are some amazing gift ideas to promote wellbeing, click on the links below to see each. 


Gifts for Children & Elderly

Christmas gift ideas for an anxious child To inspire, create steps towards being calm and happy, focus on positivity, cultivate gratitude and relax your child.

DIY marble maze A quiet play, sensory toy or a calming fidget toy for all ages.

DIY memory Jars You will probably get some laughs, cries, and smiles! But this gift will definitely show the person you give it to love and the knowledge that you care about them and their lives!

Gifts for Anxiety & Illness

30 soothing gifts for people with anxiety Anxiety, for some, is a manageable problem but for others, it is truly a debilitating mental health challenge. But these items will calm, relax, and soothe anyone that needs it!

25 Gift ideas for someone living with Chronic illness The holidays tend to (are known to) be difficult for people with chronic conditions, in periods of turmoil in their lives, etc. It’s definitely not easy and there isn’t a “physical gift” that can ever heal chronic symptoms or pain but a small gesture can go a long way to elevate the sadness and bring a smile to their face.

Gifts for personal Growth

Gratitude jar- DIY This can be used to record & collect your happy moments. Adding to it each week forces you to slow down and reflect on the positive things (big & small) in your everyday life. 

Gratitude journal There are 7 scientifically proven benefits of gratitude. Among those, it helps to increase mental strength. 

Gifts to promote self- care

Create a self- care gift basket Practicing self-care can help us reduce our stress levels and in turn, reduce our risk of some serious illnesses.

DIY shower steamers These DIY shower steamer scents are invigorating yet soothing. They are the perfect addition to set the scene for self care. 

Make a rose petal bath bomb Spa products to enhance the soothing and relaxing experience of a spa time at home.

How to make a DIY self- care kit A collection of items that make you feel good. They support your emotional health by nourish and uplift you and sometimes bring you back from the brink!

Peppermint bath bombs Invigorate your senses with cool peppermint and transform your bath water colour to an ocean blue. 

Making bath salts for gifts For stress or just a homemade bath soak.


“Love, Peace, Joy” rustic holiday mantle Create your own quote in a frame. Great to inspire others.

“Treat Yourself” Gift tag, to attach to presents.

Bookmarks  Encouraging scripture bookmarks to colour in.

Did you enjoy these?

If so, share which ones, or if you have any additional ideas for gifts to promote wellbeing and improve mental health, feel free to share more these in the comments below.

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  1. This is a great gift list, especially for this year with the pandemic. We all need a little self-love this year and this is a great list for it!

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