Book- CbCBT and how to become mindful of Christ


Paperback- Book/ course for individuals and small groups. Combining CBT techniques with prayer, scripture, biblical meditations, etc.


Book- CbCBT and how to become mindful of Christ.

Do you struggle with unhelpful thoughts, painful feelings and toxic emotions? Are you looking for a way to improve your mental health and become more mindful of Christ? Combining practical CBT approaches with affirming scriptures and prayer this book offers a unique programme to help Christians to move towards healing their mental health, whilst keeping the love of the Lord Jesus in mind. CbCBT is the first step on a journey of healing, discovery and wellbeing. Following this programme could strengthen your mental health and your faith.

This book- ‘CbCBT and how to become mindful of Christ’ includes:

• 8 guided sessions – For individuals and small groups.

• Prayer, scripture references, biblical meditation and testimonies – To help keep your faith at the heart of your journey towards happiness.

• An overview of mental health and the different approaches towards it.

• Space for journaling, including helpful suggestions and inspirational prompts

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