Joyce. P

Chelsea. B

I didn’t know what to expect from the course/ book when I first began, this book came at the right time, which showed me that Jesus has my life covered, and had always loved & protected right from birth.
It was good to have some insight to the author, Lauren, and had an understanding that this book was not just another self help book, it was from a place of someone who has been there and knows the true struggles, of how to be close to Jesus during difficult times. This helped to be able to open up to her and explore true feelings, guided by Jesus.

The book was really helpful and properly guided me through a journey of self discovery. At the beginning of this book was a tick box check list. But what I found interesting was the changes during the journey, as at the end the same check list had a different result from how I started out. I had developed a different perspective, to the changes…especially with some the same boxes I ticked, as it didn’t bother me as much as it had done in the beginning.
I wasn’t very good at doing some of the practices suggested at the end of each session, such as the meditation, as it is not within my personality and I struggle with memorising bible verses. But the bible verses in the book were apt for the journey I was taken on, especially when it came to fears and behaviours.
Having the author take me through this book was an honour… especially as I was not judged by her: nothing I said that would have been shock did not shocking to the author, again I could open up even more to her and go into personal details.

Recognising the thoughts feelings and behaviours triangle of CBT really helped me to notice the triggers of emotions. I was working through troubling behaviours such as habits that needed to be changed, I wanted to have the ability to dispel lies that the enemy was telling me about myself in order to renounce them. I noticed that I’m a critical judge jury and executioner of myself. I really felt relief handing those difficult emotions through the prayers we did.

My main aim was to have a closer understanding and relationship with God my Daddy…not just a head knowledge but a heart felt relationship…

Through this, I realised God does have a purpose for me. I need to be patient waiting upon Jesus. 

Christine. S

I first met Lauren on a day seminar at my local church. At the time I was struggling with my faith in Christ and life in general.
Her teaching that day and Testimony inspired me to want some guidance and gave me a thirst for more knowledge of scripture.
At the time I was attending church and exploring Christianity for about one year previous. 
Working with Lauren on a weekly basis has helped me to refocus on Christ.
She has excellent listening skills and patience, this enabled me to open up and discuss my difficulties with trust and Faith .
She’s helped me to understand the bible and made it clearer and simpler for me, particularly Repentance what it really means, the importance of prayer and how to get closer to God and develop a relationship with him.
The biggest breakthrough had been on the last two sessions( I’m a hard nut to crack)
I now realise what’s been holding me back and can now look to the future with more clarity and understanding of myself.
I could recommend Lauren if your struggling with Faith in Christ, her strong faith and enthusiasm have encouraged me every week.
So thank you Lauren for your kindness , calmness, your unshakable faith which has rubbed off on me.