Going from the darkness into the the light

From Darkness To Light

The darkness is there, where there is no light,

Those who are walking in it can be blind; without sight

They go and they stumble and their hearts may be hardened,                               

By indulging in impurities their worlds can be darkened

Trying to fulfil their lives with any deceitful desire,

Make new the attitude of the mind and stub out the flames of the fire

Don’t let the enemy have a foothold; Repent and sin no longer,

Accept Jesus, the Light of the world, then in every moment we can become stronger

The light can drown out the dark and the shadows will run from it, 

Everything exposed by the light will become visible, so lets be filled with the Spirit

Lets throw up our hands and worship him, turn from our wrongs, put ourselves right

Accept God, His Son and the Holy Spirit And wrap ourselves in light


We can go from the darkness and into the light by calling on the name of the Lord.

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But for now, Blessings. xxx


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