Lift Up Events

LiftUp Events is located in North Georgia dedicated to helping women by exploring their goals, bringing their purpose clearer, sharing success experts’ recommendations, and creatively expressing a vision for your life of  WHO you want to be, and what you want to DO, or HAVE in life. 

Our online workshop events help bring clarity and intention into your lives by dedicating time to experience a deep down soul searching which helps you to see and reach your goals!

We explore questions using the Dream Sheet and more to help you to understand where is it exactly you want to move toward and realize you are not where you have been. Before you can get to where you are going, you must know where you have been.

Love the helpless, help the hopeless, and bring joy to the broken in heart!

About the Founder

Pamela Duran

Pamela Duran, MBA, is a business professional, entrepreneur, community leader, podcast host for “Real Heart Talk”, hosted North Georgia’s Got Talent fundraising for domestic violence non-profits, specializing in lifting others up, problem solving, an author, singer, songwriter. Founder of Lift Up Events designed to LIFTUP others and show them the journey is not as lonesome as it seems. Motivating and encouraging others to reach for their dreams, helping them realize a bigger vision for their lives. She is a Vision Coach, started a new BLOG and distributes free bibles and encouraging bookmarks to help arm her community with their sword of the spirit during these times of spiritual warfare. Pamela has a heart and passion to make an impact in this world. She loves the Lord, her family, writing, singing, and songwriting. Started a PODCAST in 2021 “Real Heart Talk” available on Apple ITUNES, and Spotify, the podcast focuses on sharing stories of overcoming obstacles of trauma, fraud, scam, abuse and HOW YOU TOOK YOUR POWER BACK and start living a positive life stance and rebuild your life. Share your story today. Pamela published “10 Life-Changing Habits” in 2022 to help you learn daily habits that will propel you to success faster; a member of the Dragon Slayers Collaboration to create a book to help victims of abuse, trauma and Domestic Violence reaching International Best Seller status on Amazon; she published “Deep Impact” in 2019 a book written for our younger generations to know sooner what she learned later in life, recorded and released a song last year “Love You Longer” in 2019 to her online community, and recorded an EP Album titled “Live, Hope, Dream”. Attended UPW in 2021, Life on Fire Graduate in 2021, and Speaker on Fire member in 2022, and a new member of CWIMA. Most recently appeared as a guest on the POPTALK TV Show talking about "How to recognize imposters online.

Are your thoughts or behaviours holding you back from living life to the fullest?
…with the peace, joy, freedom and purpose that God has promised you?!

If this way of living seems too good to be true, then think again; IT IS NOT! You CAN experience these through ALL seasons of life, whether you believe it yet or not.

Learn how to break those chains of Behaviours, Habits, Thoughts, Beliefs, Worries and Un- forgiveness.

This is only for you if you don’t already live this way, you’re wanting to make that shift in your life and are ready to live abundantly, freely and according to the Lords will.

If this is so, then grab your ticket for the event which is on 17th September, in Eastbourne, Sussex, England.

You can also pre- order the book, from Amazon for just 99p!

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