Breaking Chains

Are your thoughts and behaviours preventing you from living life to the fullest?

Chains can prevent living the life that God has planned for each and every one of you (Jeremiah 29:11). As a believer you have an eternity in heaven. But, first you have to live on this Earth, so you need to make that matter! He has also promised you; freedom, peace, love, joy and hope, whilst on this earth before you even get to heaven! Incredible! Thank you Lord!

So, Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law.

He is the one who called you to freedom.

For you. have been called to live in freedom, my brothers & sisters.

Galatians 5:1, 8b, 13

Are you living in freedom? 

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Have you got chains that are binding you and stopping you from living that freedom?

These chains could be:

Spiritual: Forgiveness/ Distractions/ Sin

Physical: Behaviours/ Habits

Emotional: Thoughts/ Beliefs/ Perceptions 

Do you want to break those chains?

Do you want to learn how to break Spiritual, physical  & emotional chains and know how to experience the freedom that God has for ALL of His children?!?

Breaking Chains- The Book:

Hit #NUMBER 1 in five categories in the United Kingdom and America!
Dr Jeff Riggenbach, PHD
Dr Jeff Riggenbach, PHD
Author, Disarming High Conflict Personalities: Dealing With the 8 Most Difficult People in Your Life Before you Burn Out!
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"In this self-revealing yet practical work, Lauren Roskilly dispels the myth that people of faith are immune to mental health challenges, addictions, and adversity of many kinds. She skilfully highlights the importance of differentiating “God’s job versus our job” and offers her “4 Ps” vital to staying on your road to recovery…highly recommended for any Christian wanting to break the chains holding them captive in their life! "
Ian Main
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lauren has written a superb book and uses a formula for helping people in the walk with christ it is strong and using prayer it will strengthen people in the walk with christ for me lauren opened doors with addictions and living you can take up the cross and follow jesus this we need to do overcome satan and the demons and strive for a better life in christ lauren is a wonderful girl good and loving and i would without hesitation buy this book please support her in all she does its of benefit i can assure you
Rose C C
"Timely book for the season"
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In this book Lauren shows an easy to follow, step by step way to gain freedom. Pray, Prune, Pass. Perception and finally Praise. The book explains the benefit of vulnerability and surrender to Jesus for chains to be broken. Having received value, I have recommended this book to my friends.
" An enlightning read!"
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This book deals with a subject that needs our serious and urgent attention in these times we are living in!! Would recommend!
Robin Leigh Morgan
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Being the voracious reviewer of nonfiction Christian books I am, I feel that 'Breaking Chains' will help its readers live in the freedom, love, joy, and peace God has prepared for those who believe in Him
SharPei Mom
Practical & Powerful
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This book is written in an easy to read & understand way with practical step-by-step actions to take that the author clearly walks you through. Very helpful, powerful, & insightful! You can tell that the author has personally walked through what she is describing and teaching to her readers. This book is great to work on alone or even in a small group!
The New Spice Route
I want more from Lauren
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What I liked about this book is that it is clear and layed out in an easy to comprehend manner. The messages inside give to pause to reflect, examine and propel you forward. Lauren was a guest speaker on my podcast and I am so thankful that I get to experience first hand with her book, what she touched on. Yes I do recommend this book, if you are wanting to succeed in life, business, even relationships.
Amazon Customer
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Lauren, you are a great story teller! This book is so helpful in identifying what's holding us captive and how to GET FREE!

Breaking Chains Event:

Do you want to live in the fullness and freedom that God has for you?

Perhaps you have physical, emotional and/ or spiritual chains that are preventing you from living this way.

These chains can include, but are not limited to; behaviours, habits, thoughts, beliefs and unbelief, distractions and un- forgiveness.

This In- person workshop, is based on the No1 Bestselling ‘Breaking Chains’ book.

Using scripture, guidance, actionable steps and teaching. Including the tools and techniques of Christian Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBCBT).

‘Breaking Chains’ will help you to live in the freedom, love, joy and peace that God does have for you!

Are you ready?!


Breaking Chains In- person event is taking place at:

Victoria Baptist Church, Eldon Road, Eastbourne, E.Sussex, BN21 1UE

From 10am- 3pm

Bring a packed lunch, notebook & a pen!

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11 thoughts on “Breaking Chains

  1. Amen! True freedom is found in Christ alone! He broke the chains of bondage to sin when He died on the cross for us all!

  2. I love how you point out the different ways in which we might be living in bondage to that which God has set us free from. This is helpful in taking a look at the areas in our life where we need to ask God for his help.

  3. So good! True abiding freedom is found in our Jesus alone! Thank you for this awesome post … 🙏💕

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