Mighty Prevailing Prayer

'Mighty Prevailing Prayer'

Book by Wesley L.Duewel

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God has a more effective prayer life for you than you ever dreamed possible. Let this volume be your open door to wonderful answers to prayer. Here is your personal guide to a life of mighty prevailing prayer. Let this book speak to your heart, take you to your knees, and help you obtain prayer answers in difficult and resistant situations. Evangelist Leonard Ravenhill calls it an encyclopedia you will want to read and refer to again and again. The evangelical church is guilty of the sin of prayerlessness. Wesley Duewel has provided exactly what we a biblically sound exposition of prevailing prayer and practical suggestions for ways to prevail in prayer.

Review on Mighty Pevailing Prayer

Lauren Roskilly
Lauren Roskilly
Founder of Mindful of Christ Ministries
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Absolutely incredible! Whether your a new Christian or have been born again for decades! There is something for everyone to lean here! Awesome book if you're wanting to up your game on your prayer life and ultimately improve your relationship with the Father God, Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit. A book I rave about to my friends & coaching clients and would recommend EVERY believer to read.

Having a relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is what Christianity should be about. It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship. We have freewill, which means we have a choice. But when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we are entering into a relationship with Him. 

This will be the most important relationship you will be in.

And like every relationship, it takes dedication & commitment. Time with another is cruicial in relationships. Therefore time with the Trinity is of utmost importance.


How much time do you spend with God on a daily or weekly basis?

We may need to be intentional with this. Carve out time in your diary, wake up a little earlier, get rid of distractions.

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But in ‘Mighty Prevailing Prayer,’ Duewel describes in great detail to his readers, how exactly we can be praying and how our prayers can not only be effective but powerful and ‘mighty’ too! 

Duewel has written this book using his years of knowledge and wisdom and scriptures straight from the Word of God.

I found this book absolutely amazing! Even though i’ve been a born again Christian for 18 years, I learnt heaps!

Duewel, talks about why effective pray is important, how exactly it should be done and combines it all with evidence of personal stories and those of others. Including stories of prayer warriors from around the world.

He addresses the spiritual battle we’re in and encourages and equips us with tools and tips for how to pray effectively and powerfully in response.

There are too many amazing chapters in this book so I thought it’ll be best to put them all in here, so you can see what topics and subjects Duewel includes;

This book will improve your relationship with Christ, your prayer life and build up your resilience against the powers, trials & difficulties of this earth as well as teaching us exactly how effective prayer is done.

As you see, one of the chapters is ‘The dynamic of desire.’ He explains that we first need that desire to want more of God, a desire to learn more about Christ, a desire to want a relationship with the Trinity and a desire to pray & communicate with Him more.

Do you desire these?

Will you become mighty in prayer? Or are you already?

Available on Amazon

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