The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is cruicial when you’re wanting to move forwards with God. As un- forgiveness will affect you more than the person you’re stuggling to forgive. It may eat you up, that bitterness, frustration even anger and resentment. Therefore, it’s you that is affected by it. 

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Do you need to forgive someone today?

Trigger Warning**

Guest Post

Do you ever wonder what happens to those little things we stuff down inside ourselves? You know what I am talking about, those icky things that no one likes to admit they have…emotions!
Do you ever think about the long term repercussions of bottling up things like frustrations, hurts, and anger?

I didn’t either. Until one day it all came spilling over and bubbling out!


You see, I am a sexual abuse survivor. But I wasn’t always a survivor. I was a victim…until I learned to be a survivor.

Relevant Reading: Changing Focus- Psalm 4

I used many methods to try and survive; drugs, alcohol, sex, reading, writing, blogging, crafting, you name it I’ve probably tried it.
Sexual abuse destroys healthy emotions, emotional coping skills, and distorts a healthy view of life. I struggled with things like anxiety, depression, anger, bitterness, unhealthy self image, suicidal thoughts, along with many other mental health disorders.

I would love to say I became a survivor before my damaged emotions ruined almost all the relationships in my life, but I didn’t. Through lots of prayer, fasting, and digging into the Word of God I was able to see myself through God’s eyes and change the way I started thinking about myself and my abuser.

Biblical fasting
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God challenged me to see my abuser as a victim too. A victim of sin. A victim that needed salvation’s saving grace just like I did. A victim that needed to receive the Power of Forgiveness.
Once I started viewing my abuser in this way I noticed radical changes to my mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
I wrote a book all about how to overcome your abusers grip and heal those damaged emotions that are caused by sexual abuse. It’s not an easy process but it’s a super rewarding and freeing process. I challenge anyone who has been sexually abused to read my book The Power of Forgiveness: Healing Damaged Emotions from Sexual Abuse.

Using the practical tips I share in my book I started to channel my energy into blogging.  
I know that my testimony about being abused resonates with so many men and women! But there is hope! Jesus is that hope! I encourage everyone to seek the true Healer of all things because while I may have some great tips Jesus is the only one who can truly heal a broken soul!

Brandy M Toenges

I started my blog back in 2009 Wonderfully Messy Mom but after a few years I became very overwhelmed with the responsibility of blogging and taking care of kids. I let it go to the wayside but started getting back into the swing of things the last couple of years. I typically enjoy blogging about sustainable living, sharing DIY & food recipes, and practical articles for families. Through blogging I have made many new friends including Lauren here at Mindful of Christ! Be sure to come by and visit me!

This blog post first appeared here at Mindful of Christ and was published on: Jun 26, 2020 and Reblogged Nov 21, 2022

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  1. Love this! You’re perfectly right, Jesus is only one who can truly heal us when we are broken. We just need to trust Him!

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