Serenity Sensitive

Serenity Sensitive is a new movement that is Christ Centered. We serve teens and women who battle with strong emotions,  overwelm and being misunderstood.   We are reaching the Highly Sensitive population one person at a time.

We have a three fold purpose:

  1. Raising awareness
  2. Encouraging acceptance
  3. Fostering alignment in the body and soul.

We also believe in the importance of knowing our Creator and provide inspiring videos and Bible Scriptures to help women grow spiritually .

About the Founder

Carol Strang

Carol is a sensitive & compassionate follower of Jesus. She believes strongly in the power of Spiritual Connection and good wellbeing. Her primary mission is to help other sensitive women on the path to getting set free from emotional trauma and their past.

How can S.S help you?

Are YOU holding onto past hurts, disappointments, traumatic events, and or finding yourself trapped in a cycle of harmful thoughts and behaviors? 

If this sounds like you, then Minister Carol is happy to help and guide You. 

Let Minister Carol teach you: How to Surrender, Submit, and be Saved!  Experience the Power and Presence of your Heavenly Father and pave the way to inner healing and peace. 

Let God burn up all Your burdens and create Beauty from Your ashes. 

Step into Your Potential, Power, and Purpose!

Serenity Sensitive
Are your thoughts or behaviours holding you back from living life to the fullest?
…with the peace, joy, freedom and purpose that God has promised you?!

If this way of living seems too good to be true, then think again; IT IS NOT! You CAN experience these through ALL seasons of life, whether you believe it yet or not.

Learn how to break those chains of Behaviours, Habits, Thoughts, Beliefs, Worries and Un- forgiveness.

This is only for you if you don’t already live this way, you’re wanting to make that shift in your life and are ready to live abundantly, freely and according to the Lords will.

If this is so, then grab your ticket for the event which is on:

17th September, in Eastbourne, Sussex, England.

You can also pre- order the book, from Amazon for just 99p!

Click the images now to secure your place and get your copy.

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