Create Butterfly Moments

Create Butterfly Moments

Have you heard success leaves clues?
Our lives leave clues to who we are and the purpose God has placed into our hearts!  Do you have a special memory that has given you purpose?
As I look back, one experience has stood out to me, for many years it was the day I got what the Lord was telling me about my purpose…
It was a Monday morning, I was working hard to get my girls out the front door, a lot like herding cats…if you know what I mean!
Jenna was dancing through the house with not a care in the world, her sister chasing after her yelling, ”Jenna hurry up, we are going to be late!”
BUT then there was silence… I listened…
From the back room I hear Jenna screaming for me, “Mommy, come quick!” As my curiosity got the best of me, I followed the voices…
I entered the room where they both were looking at a little enclosure.
I did what I thought any Mom would do…
I wiggled in between the two of them…and watched…
I’m so grateful that I was paying attention to important things on that day, watching a little butterfly emerge from its chrysalis.

Create Butterfly Moments

I felt as we watched, the Lord was telling me they are
growing up so fast, spend more time with them.
As parents we don’t always get it right, do we? We are soooo busy, but not always with the right things. But that day, my Mommy scorecard was full with the right things:
-I was fully present with my girls,
-I listened to them, they excitedly told me what was important to them!
-I was able to share with them from my heart, how precious they are, God’s perfect creatures, loved beyond words.

That day was a gift from God, a true miracle as we were watching a Monarch Butterfly emerge from its chrysalis. A beautiful analogy that we need to live intentionally without the business of life taking priority. As I think back now, I could have missed it!
Although we played hooky that day, not that I am condoning it, we all learned a valuable lesson.
Just a few short years later my precious Jenna, danced for the last time here on earth…
She succumbed to her injuries after a car accident. As she and left us grieving, I know she was celebrated in heaven.
At first, my life crumbled around me, but I’ll save how I found peace again for another time. But let me say; it was several very dark years. The only anchor that held me in the storm is Jesus.

I would need to struggle and transform and pump life back into my wings, as that little butterfly did years before.
Oh, my friends, it is a beautiful analogy of how the lessons of life are in the struggle. Did you know if you help a butterfly out of its chrysalis, it will likely die, it needs to struggle to live, maybe we do too so we can see what is truly important.

Do you have a defining moment? One that is so precious to you that you can use it to fly to greater heights?

That energy, those thoughts, perhaps they could be your “why,” your purpose for living the intentional life that was meant for you. I’ve used my story to write a book. Create Butterfly moments, Become The Person You Were Meant To Be. You, too, have a story, and you can use it to make a difference in this world.
Today, I am making more butterfly moments my granddaughters Jennifer and Jordie. We will spot a butterfly, and as they chase it, they will look back at me and yell, “Grammy, Grammy, Auntie Jennifer is with us!” I’m grateful they are joining me to live out her legacy. My joy has returned.
Butterflies are a symbol of transformation, I think of them when I think of all of the changes I’ve seen in my life. I’m so grateful that I was paying attention to important things and prioritising things in my life. You never know how long or short their life may be, and as they say, take time to smell the roses… and when you get the chance watch the butterflies too!

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Create Butterfly Moments

Lori Raupe

Lori Raupe is a highly sought-after speaker, international trainer and business consultant. She is the author of two #1 International Best Selling Books. Her first book was written was to honour her daughter Jenna, Create Butterfly Moments, Become the Person You Were Meant to Be, and is is a collection of success principles. Click to view her Author page.

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