God wants to speak to you!

God wants to speak to you!

This is God speaking here. He’s not just asking Job to “pay attention” but all of His children.

You. God wants to speak to you.

When we pray we need to make time for Him to speak to us too. Prayer is about conversation with God. We can’t just go to Him with our monologues of prayer requests and needs. Yes, it’s important that we give Him thanks. But He wants to have a relationship with us too!
The key to any relationship is communication and communication, like relationships, are supposed to be a two-way street!

So when we have our devoted prayer time and even when we chat with Him throughout the day, we need to stop and listen to Him, so He can speak to us too.

Being in conversation with the Lord is an awesome privilege that we can all enjoy. So next time you pray, give Him space to respond. You never know what He wants to say to you until you give Him a chance too.

Hope this is helpful to someone today.

Enjoy your conversation and be blessed πŸ™Œ



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