One More Time

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One Story On Breaking Barriers

One story that I heard was about an aquarium owner. 

I don’t know why but he put a barracuda in the same tank as a goldfish. 

Under normal circumstances, a barracuda would devour a goldfish in no time. But this tank didn’t have  the normal conditions. 

There was a clear glass partition separating the goldfish from the barracuda. Like a snake ready to strike, the Barracuda would circle round and round until he felt the  moment was right—and then BAM! He would smack the glass wall like you may have when you tried to  walk through a recently cleaned sliding-glass door. There was no meal for him this time. 

A couple of hours later, he would try again to no avail. And the next day, he would fail again. The  aquarium owner got used to the thud sound of the barracuda hitting the partition. 

Then there was a day where the owner heard no sound coming from the tank. He checked and saw that  both the goldfish and barracuda were doing fine—it was as if the barracuda had given up. 

So the owner removed the partition. 

And the barracuda could have had success, if he just tried one more time.  

But he never did. 


One More Time

What if you are just one more try away from the breakthrough you have been praying for? 

One more job application to land your dream career. 

One more creative idea to be validated and fulfilled. 

One more invitation to church for the lost family member you lose 

sleep over. 

One more prayer to God until all heaven breaks loose in your life. 

So many times I think we give up when we aren’t called to give up. 

We are called to keep going. 




And you might find out that the barrier that has held you back in the past has been removed.

Don’t stop!

About the Author

One more time

Tyler Feller

Tyler Feller is a passionate pastor excited about all God is doing. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Management and attended seminary at Global Awakening Theological Seminary. In his book Don’t Stop, pastor Tyler Feller shares the insightful perspective and faith-filled growth strategy that will help you transform struggles into opportunities and move forward in God’s plan for you with empowerment and resilience.

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