BOOK REVIEW #2022-001 – Indestructible Faith: Prayers & Prompts for Journalling

Originally posted on TRYING TO BE A GOOD CHRISTIAN WOMAN: TRANSFORM YOURSELVES WITH AN INDESTRUCTIBLE FAITH IN THE LORD. One of the things that I’ve lacked in my journey to be a good Christian woman was something that could have guided me along the way. I began my journey after having published my first two…

BOOK REVIEW #2022-001 – Indestructible Faith: Prayers & Prompts for Journalling

2 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW #2022-001 – Indestructible Faith: Prayers & Prompts for Journalling

  1. Thank you for your dedication to Christ and reaching men and women struggling in this day and age. We are definitely living in the last days and the battlefield is definitely in the mind. Look what Jesus went through with Satan. We are in a real spiritual battle. I am fighting everyday in everyway. I am working on getting totally delivered. I am searching and praying ceasingly. I recently lost my job because I refuse to take the abomination. The holy spirit has led me to not defile myself with the wickedness of the world. I have been wanting to write a book about my life for years. Its a story I must tell. I am an overcomer through Christ my Lord. I am working on my relationship with my Father but Im hoping I can find some remote work somehow for the kingdom. I know I was trained and refined through the fire to get where I am today. I may not have money right now but I am rich in the spirit. Please pray that God leads me in the right direction. I commend you for your passion in helping a broken generation of believers searching for a light in the dark. Keep shining your light. God bless you and your ministry. In Jesus Mighty Name AMEN AMEN
    Your sister in Christ,
    Amy Costello

    1. This is so lovely, thank you Amy! I will most definitely be praying for you to be delivered, for God’s will to be done in your life and your finances. Bless you! Xx

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