Don't waste your gifts- use them

Don’t Waste Your Gifts, Use Them!

“Bananas Don’t Belong in a Purse”

Whenever I leave the house and know I will be gone for a couple of hours, I grab a banana and throw it in my purse. I do this with the intention of having a quick healthy snack to eat in case I get hungry while I am out. But honestly, more times than not, I don’t get hungry while I am out and either don’t eat the banana, or I forget that it is in my purse. Then I come home and see the banana all bruised up from the other things in my purse bumping into it. One day, I did my usual habit of grabbing a banana, sticking it in my purse, and I headed out the door. As I was driving on the highway I felt God tell me, “bananas don’t belong in a purse.” I was confused by this and I asked God to help me understand it. What I realised was that bananas don’t belong in a purse because they end up getting bruised and wasted. I don’t end up eating it, which is always the original purpose of me grabbing a banana in the first place.

Then I knew God was comparing this to my writing. At that time, I had known for a while that God wanted me to write. I have enjoyed writing ever since I was a little girl, but I was scared to do it and never got started. I thought that people would judge me, I was worried that people wouldn’t agree with what I would write, and I was crippled by the fear that my words don’t matter. I realised my writing was just like a banana being wasted in a purse, getting bruised and going bad. The more I kept putting off writing and kept it hidden inside of me, the bigger my fear became to actually get started with it. God gives us all desires and talents that He wants us to use for His glory. He doesn’t want us to keep it hidden from the world, He wants us to use what He has given us to shine brightly for others.

Now, whenever I grab a banana and leave the house, instead of putting it in my purse, I leave it in the cup holder of my car, in plain sight so I don’t forget about it. It is not hidden in my purse, and it doesn’t get bruised or go bad. And now, more times than not, I eat the banana and it is not wasted.

What is your “banana”?

What desire or talent has God placed in your heart?

Are you tapping into it or are you keeping it hidden?

For me, it is writing. If you are scared to get started with whatever it is, just like I was, that’s ok. Pray about it. He will give you the strength to get started, just like He did for me. He wants us to shine brightly for Him, He doesn’t want us to stay hidden.

(If you don’t yet know what your gifts and talent are check out Discovering Your God- Given Purpose)

Prayers & Love Always 

Don't waste your gifts- use them

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Don't waste your gifts- use them

Megan Englander

God is my Father and without Him I would not be where I am today. I recently went through many trials and hard times, and God was there with me the whole time. In the midst of the pain, He gave me a peace and comfort I had never experienced before. My hope and prayer is that you will experience His peace and comfort too. In my free time, I love being outside and exploring God's beautiful creation. I also enjoy cooking, baking, traveling, and of course, writing. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @herheavenlyheart.

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