Finding your Purpose: A Road To Healing

Finding your purpose: A road to healing is about just that. We can discover what our life’s purpose is through healing anything that might be hindering us, holding us back or limiting us. This can be a number of things; situations, mindsets, beliefs, physical illness, disability, the list goes on. But here George gives us her journey and take on healing and finding her purpose & how you can too. May this truly encourage you.

Guest Post- L.A George

This Thing Called Life

When life throws us curveballs, it can leave us battered, fed up and tired with a constant urge to give up. Have you ever had a feeling of uncertainty with so many things that it gets difficult to see through the fog of hurt, disappointment, loneliness and weariness? I have certainly had my fair share of the above! I had high hopes of birthing visions that would liberate people by sharing my passions to empower them, so amid all the naysayers, I made the move to a different country for a fresh start in a new environment. Little did I know that two days after I arrived and got my apartment that the whole world would go into a pandemic with lockdowns imposed everywhere. The moment I heard the news my throat went dry because in my mind my vision had just been halted with no wiggle room for negotiations. We were in a time where people did not know when they would be allowed to go out let alone make way for my plans. Many thoughts ran through my mind, I was away from home, I had not made friends or even met any of my neighbours, people were scared to engage with strangers, food was running out everywhere and worst of all I was living alone in a completely different land, how was I going to survive I asked myself? I fixed exercise routines, prepared meal plans, binged watched shows and did all the video calling one could ever do yet there was still something missing.

Joy Comes In The Morning

What was it, I hear you ask? I had no purpose and so I pondered and pondered then I realised that I received a gift from a very close friend at the airport before I travelled, a book! Yes, joy comes in the morning friends, in those kind of times a book saved my day or should I say my months. Don’t you worry I’ll share the title soon. And so I kept reading and reading and could not put the book down, it led me to read the journey of Nehemiah in the Bible and I began to see similarities with my story. I could relate to Nehemiah’s journey because he had a zeal for something he had not been able to accomplish and he had to go on a journey to achieve his purpose. I won’t spoil it for you, pick up the Bible and see it for yourself, you’ll learn a nugget or two. Suddenly, I began to write down my vision and made it plain as Habakkuk 2:2 advises. My vision was written, along came a purpose and with the purpose came some goals. My vision is to equip young people to birth their visions using God as their source of inspiration’. By this time, I understood what I wanted to do with my life however, how was I going to achieve it? Well, the first step was to draft a purpose statement to unpack my purpose and bring it to life, the next step was to set goals to support my vision with financial aspirations, business goals, investment goals such as investing in myself by joining an academy to develop myself and to meet like-minded people as well as setting some personal goals such as family and health goals. I then created a vision board and as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Needless to say from doing this I authored my first book this summer entitled ‘Elevate Your Essay Writing Skills’ to help young people with written communication skills while running workshops to support schools and organisations with their students and young professionals and I am currently planning a conference to equip young people with the resources to birth their visions.

It's Your Turn To Heal And pick Up The Baton

I could have easily given up and gone into an enclosed shell while reminiscing on all the negative things people said to me, I could have dwelt on the disappointment and the hurt I had been through in life but somehow I just could not give up on the young people aspiring to do great things in life. I am still on the journey and still learning to improve myself and yes I have bad days sometimes but I make the conscious effort to choose to look on the bright side, which can be hard but it is definitely worth it. Proverbs 29:18 tells us that where there is no vision the people perish and it is your time to flourish so pick up the pen now or grab that laptop and start drafting your purpose because you can do this and remember never to give up no matter how many challenges you face. Draft some words of affirmations and remind yourself of them every day. Oh, and the book is called The Principles and Power of Vision by the late Dr. Myles Munroe. I’m rooting for you so go for it!

About the Author

Hi, I’m LA George, a strong advocate of promoting the development of students and young adults by sharing my experiences in industry while mentoring them. I have run multiple workshops on academic and professional writing, employability skills, career development and pathways for students and young adults to achieve their visions and I am also a STEM ambassador. You can get in touch with me & learn more about me on my HERE.

I’m happy to help and I would be glad to hear from you.

L.A George

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