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This week is about what’s coming for you in 2023. The video below will explain the exciting events and resources that will be available to you this year. This week and the following months, to be precise!

This has come from guidance from the Lord, who woke me up at 5am last Weds to speak with me.

Incredible! Praise the Lord!

Following this instruction, the weekly blog posts will now switch to fortnightly.

Therefore, in a fortnight from today (23rd Jan 2023) Part 2 of last weeks Never Stop Praying! (Pt1) will be published.

What's for you in 2023:

For you in 2023 Video Summary~
Word of the year: Unlimited 
‘Who do you think you are?’ Live event on zoom. Registration Required.
‘CBCBT’ group coaching
‘Be Transformed’ Summit in March
‘REIGNITE: The Path To Victorious Living ‘ 1:1 Programme
Private Facebook group ‘Mindful of Christ Community’: 
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F.B Group For You:

For you

Mindful of Christ Community

This private Facebook group is to help you overcome any beliefs & behaviours and/ or step into your God-given mission. The guidance, encouragement and support is for you to: 💚 Walk in the fullness of Christ 💚 Publish your testimony 💚 Start- up your biz & marketing


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