If only

“If Only”

Book Review: If Only

This book about all the “If onlys'” we might have in our lives. For instance:

“If only I could be successful”

“If only we could go on holiday”

“If only I could find a wife/husband”

“If only I could have kids”

“If only I/ they weren’t ill”

“If only this was different!”

Can you relate to any of these? Or do you have your own If only’s?

But what is the end of that sentence?

….. I would be happy, content, experience joy, have peace.

In her book, Pollock, pours out her heart and is completely tansparent about her own “if only” which is that of finding a spouse. She tells us that when writing the book, she’s single. But she goes on to tell us her journey and how her mindset changed from the longing and yearning to find a partner to how she found  “Joyful contentment in the face of lack and longing”.

She share’s the testimonies of others’ ‘if only’s’ too. 

So there is plenty to relate to and be encouraged by.

Spoiler alert!

Jenni goes on to explain how we can experience that joyful contentment amidst the yearnings and situations we are dealt with.

How we can really look to and hold onto Jesus throughout these feelings of frustration, longing and disappointment? 

Pollock refers to Paul in Philippians and other scriptures too. She explains how we can rejoice, practise gratitude, alleviate frustration and disappointment and ultimately experience and embrace what God has to offer us which helps lead us into wholehearted fellowship and contentment in HIM.

Pollock’s book is an easy read and speaks to the heart of those struggling with those ‘if only’s’ in their lives. 

I would strongly recommend this book, it could help change your perspective and how you view life and draw you closer to God, resulting in a new journey and an awareness of His will for your life.

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Do you struggle with a similar or negative mindsets in your life?

Do your circumstances, trials and storms affect your mood or relationships with others and Jesus?

Are you needing reassurance, encouragement and guidance in any area of your life right now?

Do you know yet what plans God has for you? Or how to go about achieving them?

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