Delivered from desperation

Delivered from desperation

Delivered from Desperation- Testimony of Elma Van Delft

A true story of being delivered from her point of desperation by God’s saving grace.

Elma went through a lot of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual abuse and damage which had a major affect on her. Her story tells us of this and how it took her to the point of desperation. 

But then Jesus stepped in and delivered her from this and now she is serving and helping others in ministry, dedicating her time to those who experience suicidal thoughts & domestic abuse.

Trigger Warning: Some of this content is of a sensitive nature. Please watch with caution.

If this has affected you at all or you are currently experiencing any of these issues.Then feel free to message me for prayer. Please note, I am not a trained mental health therapist.

See below for emergency contacts

  • Samaritatins (UK) Call 116 123 or click through to contact via other means, including an app.
  • Im Alive is a live online network that uses instant messaging to respond to people in crisis. 
  • Refuge can be contacted online or has a national domestic abuse helpline: 08082000247

Blessings x

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