Hey everyone, I thought I should start with introductions before starting.

My name is Lauren and I live in East Sussex, England. I am a mum of two wonderful children, who are my life! I became a born again Christian in 2005 at approx 2am! Although life has had its ups and downs, My faith has remained. Though, I can’t say it hasn’t been tested!

I finished a BA Hons in Health and Social care honours in 2020… though, because of Covid, haven’t had a graduation day, yet! The modules I focused on are ‘social care’ and ‘mental health.’ The latter, a subject I’m likely to bring up a few times in these blog posts!

As the idea of this blog is to help and encourage others in their faith and improving mental health, wellbeing and growth. Using tools and learning from mistakes i made and most importantly how God has helped me in my journey.

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Feel free to ask questions, request prayers or just say “hi” on this email address: mindfulofchrist@gmail.com.

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‘Christian based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ may also be of interest. Its a book/ course for individuals and small groups combining CBT techniques with prayer, scripture and biblical meditation.

Please feel free to comment, request prayer or ask anything...

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