How to Recognise the God Moments in your Life

What are God moments and how do we recognize them and
more importantly, gain insights or value from them? As I
reflect and look back at some of the pivotal moments that
truly changed my life, I can almost always point to a God
moment as the catalyst. I am grateful to have many God
moments in my life.

When I was in my early 20’s and struggling with addiction,
thinking that there was no solution and no point in moving
on. It was a God moment that gave me the courage to reach
out and call for help. Today, I am 29 years sober and living
my best life!

At my lowest points, God put people in my life that I needed
at that time. It could have been an old friend that showed up
at the right time when I needed to get out of myself and
reconnect. Or someone that only stayed in my life briefly but
had massive impact. The key is to be open to receiving this

Recognise Your God Moments

I remember when my son was born with so many
complications we did not know if he would survive. The
chaos in the hospital and uncertainty of the future of my son
was just too much to comprehend. As I held my wife’s hand
and attempted to comfort her, it was a God moment that
brought an old friend from high school toward me in a
nurse’s gown and mask. Only able to see her eyes at first, I
had a feeling that I knew her. As she lowered her surgical
mask, I recognised her. At that moment I took a deep breath. She assured us that our son was in good hands.
Today, my son is 35 years old and thriving.

The ability to recognize and acknowledge these God
moments is so important and reinforces our ability to live in
faith, not fear. I have found that when I open my heart to
receive these gifts, the universe will deliver. We all have a
daily reprieve to get our mindset in the right place and open
our heart. Living is a state of gratitude is one way to do this.

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To start each day present and willing to surrender yourself to
what is next, what God will bring you. This will help you not
only recognize these God moments but give you the insight
to grow and learn from them. Once we open our hearts and
accept these God moments, our life will begin to change. I
wish you all the gift of recognizing your God moments in life.

Recognise Your God Moments

Rob Swymer

Like most people, successful executive, life strategist, and best-selling author Rob Swymer has gone through his share of adversity in life. In his new book 'Surrender to Your Adversity,' Rob illustrates how our internal voice influences every thought, belief, and action. By sharing his own hard losses—the unexpected death of a beloved partner, substance abuse, depression and other family challenges—Rob demonstrates that whatever adversities we may encounter don’t have to be permanent setbacks. He shows how even seemingly large obstacles can be opportunities that allow us to live more gracious, courageous, and authentic lives.

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