Prayer Poem- for Comfort and Strength

Dear Lord, our comforter, you truly are my life,
You are there amidst the highs and lows, peace and strife.

                                      Let me be your warrior, disciple and child,                                              And through the deepest valleys, keep me joyous and mild.

You are my fortress and I won’t be shaken,
And from the darkest nightmares, my souls, with you, will awaken.

You are my comforter, my love and my friend,
And one day, life on this earth will come to an end.

But then I will be in eternity with you,
But for now, let me trust that you will keep me and see me through.

As I share what I have and offer you my everything,
I will then experience your spirit and my heart will sing.

Then I sing out to you and you will come,
Come to me and me to you, through Jesus, your Son.



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