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Out now- Christian based CBT & how to become Mindful of Christ

Out Now!

It’s what I’ve been yapping on about for a while now, the book/course ‘Christian based CBT- how to become Mindful of Christ’ is out now! See below for the direct link to purchase.

For more information  check out ‘Christian based CBT and how to become Mindful of Christ’. In addition to this you can see the front cover in below and then if you click through you will get a sneak preview of the contents pages, so you know what exactly to expect.

Description/ Blurb

Do you struggle with unhelpful thoughts, painful feelings and toxic emotions? Are you looking for a way to improve your mental health and strengthen your bond with Christ?

Combining practical CBT approaches with affirming scriptures and prayer this book offers a unique programme to help Christians to move towards healing their mental health, whilst keeping the love of the Lord Jesus in mind.

CbCBT doesn’t offer a quick fix, it is the first step on a journey of discovery and wellbeing. Following this programme could strengthen your mental health and your faith.

  • 8 guided sessions – For individuals and small groups
  • Prayer, scripture references, biblical meditation and testimonies – To help keep your faith at the heart of your journey towards happiness
  • An overview of mental health and the different attitudes and approaches towards it.
  • Space for journaling, including helpful suggestions and inspirational prompts

Can be done individually, in small groups or with the author, who offers support & accountability alongside the 8 session course. For more info head HERE

With royalties received, regular donations will be made to the Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team. Who are a valued search and rescue charity that seek to save lives. 



If you’re still not sure, then grab yourself the FREE ebook, which includes 3 chapters from the book:

  1. Prologue (Author’s full testimony)
  2. Introducing Christian Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  3. Session One: Mental Health Assessment

Any further questions, queries or comments, feel free to use the comment form below. Or book in for your FREE 15 min coaching session to find out more about the support and accountability alongside the book.

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